All quotes are from: David Holtzman, Privacy Lost: How Technology is Endangering Your Privacy, Jossey-Bass, 2006.

“It’s no coincidence that emails have been the key evidence at the center of most political and financial scandals since the mid-1990s. Data lasts forever. Privacy does not.” 


“The Internet is a wonderful venue for anonymous tricks whose political potential hasn’t been fully realized. Many voters depend on the Internet for political information, but it’s also the ideal echo chamber for whisper campaigns -- extremely difficult to attribute slander and even harder to effectively refute charges. The 2008 presidential election may be the first war of words fought primarily on the Internet, not by official websites or the candidates, but by third parties using slander, labeling and outright lying to get their candidate elected. 2006 could make Nixon’s 1972 reelection bid look like a pillow fight.”

“When pictures are created deliberately to damage another person’s reputation, they’re spreading disinformation, an intelligence term for deliberately misleading people by providing false information. Information technology can mislead as well as inform since there’s no obvious way to check the quality of the content on a given site.”