I’m dedicating my expertise to benefit companies and consumers. I’m an information-technology security expert, launching my career as a cryptographic analyst, military codebreaker, U.S. Naval Security Group submariner, and Soviet Manned Space Program analyst. I’m an early-stage Internet pioneer; as Network Solutions CTO and manager of the Internet’s master root server, I oversaw the explosive growth of the commercial Internet to more than 20 million domain names by the late 1990s. As IBM’s Internet Information Technology Group Chief Scientist, I developed products and services to encrypt and sell digitized content; as a senior Booz Allen Hamilton associate, I designed and built Minerva, a database and text-retrieval system used by NATO and Wall Street. I’m the author of Privacy Lost: How Technology is Endangering Your Privacy, and I’ve been a regular commentator for major news media, including Bloomberg Television, BBC, CNN, The New York Times, Business Week, and The Washington Post.

I’m an experienced businessman and entrepreneur, currently president of Globalpov, a business-services company analyzing critical ways technology and society interact. I’ve advised high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, New York, Europe and Washington, D.C.; been a corporate marketing consultant for large corporations, including Amazon.com; and a board member for privately held companies in the U.S., Canada and Singapore, as well as not-for-profit organizations. I’ve traveled the world observing how diverse people utilize technology to solve real-world problems. Each encounter has confirmed that to be economically advantaged, people need to take the best technology has to offer while retaining their heritage. 

So this is me, a thoughtful observer, humanist, and senior statesman of the information economy who appreciates what it means to be a global consumer citizen today. I see a future of privacy found, not lost, and have the experience and long-term perspective to broker key conversations between today’s top technologists, companies and consumers to transform our ideas of what’s possible. I envision filling a unique role helping to define and negotiate a renewed compact between organizations and consumers establishing 21st century privacy and welcome opportunities to work with visionary companies, corporate boards and advocacy organizations to drive this transformation.